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Affiliate Tips

In order for our partnership to be successful I want to help you earn as much money as easily as possible. This guide will give you lots of ideas to help you earn more commission!


Insider Updates

I want to make your affiliate marketing as easy and successful as possible so each month I will send you insider information to share with your fans and followers. I will send you sneak peeks of new designs, competitions, note-worthy press mentions, photoshoots, special offers and last ordering dates for Christmas and Valentines day. If you are not yet signed up to receive Insider Updates you can do so here:

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Banners are the easiest way to promote Arabel as they provide a regular stream of traffic with lots of opportunities to earn commission... and you don't need to do anything. You can use banners on your website, blog or newsletter. Below are two examples, the first is a flashing gif and the second is a static jpeg. Please let me know the style and dimensions you would like and I will design a banner for you. To keep your website looking fresh and stop your readers getting bored I suggest you change the banner once a month. If you use a click-tracking program such as Google Analytics you can see how many people are clicking your banner and if you find it is not being clicked very often try moving it to a more eyecatching place or switching to a different design. 



Blogging is a wonderful way to promote Arabel and earn commission. To make it easy for you to find things to write about make sure you are signed up for Insider Updates as they will give you lots of ideas for posts and features. For example, you could write a monthly post about how you would wear the Knicker of the month and put together a moodboard with accessories, shoes and makeup that would match.



Newsletters are another great way to earn commission, and once again you can use the content from the Insider Updates to make it easy. If you write a monthly newsletter I suggest you include a banner link to this page, and take advantage of the Knicker of the Month offer!


Social media

If you have a strong social media following then use it to promote Arabel and earn more commission. I suggest you start where you are strongest, so if you have a huge Facebook fanbase or Twitter following start there and then branch out onto other platforms. 



Once we have partnered successfully for a while I may be able to offer a garment or outfit as a giveaway gift for your readers or followers. Giveaways are a great way to make a buzz, build your audience and earn commission. If we have been partnering for a while and you are interested in hosting a giveaway please get in touch to discuss this.



People often search for written or video reviews before making a purchase so why not use them as a way to earn more commission? As a small company I'm sure you understand that I cannot afford to give out many free samples. However, if you are a genuine fan and we have a good working relationship then I may be able to give you a free or discounted piece to review once we have partnered successfully for a while. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this. 



People love to see how garments look on the body so if you own any Arabel lingerie then a photoshoot could be a great way to boost your commission. All I ask is that you do not feature Arabel lingerie in any photoshoots that are not in harmony with the brand image. Any images including pornography, nudity or animal-derived products (for example a fur rug or mounted deer head) will result your Affiliate status being removed. If you are a professional photographer or model and wish to borrow samples for a photoshoot please click here for details.



Promoting Arabel special offers can really help to drive sales and increase your commission. In order to stay up to date with all the Arabel promotions please sign up for the free Insider Updates. In the updates I will let you know ahead of time about any sales, discounts, competitions and double reward point days I will be hosting. And every month I will let you know the Knicker of the Month ahead of time so you can take advantage of the increased sales this offer brings.


Please make sure that every time you promote Arabel you use your individual tracking ID in the URL. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!