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Arabel Affiliates

Emily high waist knicker and bra set.


Who are the Arabel Affiliate?

Arabel Affiliates are lingerie and fashion bloggers who love Arabel and make money every time they refer sales. As an Affiliate you can promote Arabel lingerie to your blog followers, social media fans and email subscribers. Then every time someone makes a purchase on within 30 days of clicking your Affiliate link you will earn a commission!


How do I become an Affiliate?

FIrstly, fill out the Affiliate Application - make sure to include your website and Paypal email address (if applicable) - and click 'Continue'. I will email you within a few days to let you know if your application was successful. Once your application has been approved you can log into your Affiliate Account here and start earning money right away! 


How do I earn money?

That is completely up to you! You can blog about my knickers, share my robes on social media or write about my bras in your email newsetters. Just remember to include your individual Tracking ID. Then every time someone clicks on one of your Affiliate links this will be tracked and whether they make a purchase then or return within 30 days and make a purchase you will earn 8% commission.


How do I find my Tracking ID?

Once you are logged in click on 'Custom Tracking Code'. This will take you to a page with three boxes. The top box shows your unique Tracking Code, which must be included in every link in order to track your commission.


What do I do with my Tracking ID?

The second box down is your Link Generator. Simply start typing the name of the product you want to link to and it will give you a drop down of options. Select the product you were looking for and the third box will fill with your special Tracking URL, which includes your Tracking Code. Now every time someone clicks through this link and buys Arabel lingerie within 30 days you will receive an 8% commission! 


What if I want to link to a category or the homepage?

You can link to any page on and have your commission tracked. Just copy the url of the page you want to link to and add ?tracking=YOURTRACKINGID at the end (YOURTRACKINGID needs to be replaced with your actual Tracking ID). For example if you want to link to the homepage you would link to Please remember to check that the links take you to the correct page and double check that your Tracking ID is correct.


How much can I expect to make?

The standard commission is 8% of the total sale, and my average sale is £100 - £150. So on an average sale you would earn a commission of £8-12. The number of commissions you get depends on how much you promote Arabel!


How am I paid?

You will receive an email each time you make a commission. You can also view your balance by logging in and clicking 'View your transaction history' (to log in you can either click here or click the Affiliates link, which is at the bottom of every page but the homepage). Your commissions will be paid directly into your Paypal Account at the end of each month. The minimum payment is £5, and if you earn less than £5 in a month it will roll over to the next month. Commissions are paid in £GBP via Paypal.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes... please do not link directly to any items in the Secret Sale (any items that start with KOTM), but instead link to this page. As long as you use this link any your commission will still be tracked.


What if I don't have a blog?

If you are just planning on buying lingerie for yourself or as a gift then you don't need an Affiliate Account - just a Customer Account. Please click here to create one and start shopping.


Click here to become an affiliate today or if you already have an account click here to log in and start earning money!


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the Affiliate Program please let me knowThank you!



Please note that while I appreciate every application I am not able to accept them all. I try to partner with websites that compliment Arabel so I will not work with websites that are distasteful, pornographic or wrong for the brand. Also, if you are successful please note that your Affiliate Account and Customer Account are not linked. Thank you :)