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Design Services

Designing and creating a collection is a very time consuming process so I usually only take on one client at a time to make sure that you get my full attention. I want to make sure you have a great experience

I have been professionally trained in lingerie design and pattern drafting. I also created my own brand Arabel from the ground up learning every aspect of the business along the way.

Concept to creation

I offer a range of services to individuals and companies in the lingerie and swimwear industry.

Here I have listed the design and pattern cutting services I offer for companies and individuals. I offer a range of services tailored to your individual needs.

♥ Design

Sleepwear and loungewear

Camisoles, Camiknickers, Tap pants

Knicker styles

I can design panties in a wide range of styles including thongs, g-strings, peekaboo, high waist, bloomers, french knickers, micropanties and boyshorts. I can design bras in a wide range of styles too including balconnettes, 


If you are interested in corsetry or 


♥ Pattern cutting

Working from our design or a design you supply I can create a pattern 


♥ Sampling

Working from a pattern we have created or that you supply yourself I will create a sample


Once we have created a final sample with all of the necessary pattern adjustments Grading is the process of scaling a garment into all of the different sizes you offer. You do this once you have


My speciality is core and petite sizes


Technical drawings

To get your garments factory-ready I can create detailed technical drawings and professional spec sheets detailing everything the factory needs to know in order to manufacture your designs. Below is a technical drawing of the Emily Lace Bra created in Adobe Illustrator.




I have industry contacts both in the UK and Europe so can arrange the manufacture on your behalf if you wish. Whether you just want a helping hand with the first production run or you want someone to manage it on an ongoing basis I can help.

Photo editing

To create a professional and uniform appearance I can create cut out product images for use by your retailers and on your own web boutique. I will  I can also arrange a professional photo shoot for you at a perfect 



I can also help you source high quality fabrics and components for your designs. Working with my developer I can design and create you a beautiful web boutique that perfectly reflects the style and personality of your brand and if you need website copywriting or logo designs I can put you in touch with the right people.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements