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AAA bra diagram. What is the difference between a double A and triple A cup bra?

What are Triple A bras?

Triple A or AAA bras are petite bras for women whose Full Bust and Band Size measurements have a difference of less than 1". It is a size that is usually only made in the USA.


Does Arabel make Triple A bras?

Yes but they are called AA. Let me explain... I use the UK sizing system instead of the US sizing system, which goes down to an AA. However, when you convert these sizes into US sizes you see Arabel has 3 triple A cup sizes:

♥ US size 32AAA = Arabel size 32AA

♥ US size 34AAA = Arabel size 34AA

♥ US size 36AAA = Arabel size 36AA


What do different bra sizes mean?

Bra sizes are calculated by working out the difference between your Band Size and your Full Bust measurement. To find these measurements please click here. The difference then detemines your cup size:

♥ AA cup - less than 1" difference

​♥ A cup - 1" difference

​♥ B cup -  2" difference

​♥ C cup - 3" difference


If you have any more questions please get in touch!

Sarah ​♥