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Bra Sizing Explained

What are sister-sizes?

Sister-sizes are bra sizes that have the same cup volume, but have different back sizes. Believe it or not 36AA, 34A, 32B & 30C are all sister sizes. As you can see from the picture the only difference between these sizes is the length of the wing. The table below shows the 5 bra families (1-5) offered by Arabel.


**Example** If you are a 36AA then the cups on your bra are the same size as a 30C - but the wings are longer. This means that your breasts are the same size as someone with a 30C bra size, but your ribcage is larger.Bra sister sizing chart for petite sizes.


My bra size...

I always used to wear 32A on the tightest hooks, and whilst the cup size seemed to be about right I never found a bra with a great fit. It wasn't until I went on a lingerie design course and learnt about sister-sizes that it clicked with me. When I measured myself I realised that I should be wearing a 30B, now my bras fit perfectly!


I design for petites

The industry standard is to make a 34B bra, check the fit on a 34B model and grade – scale the pattern – from a 34B to a range of different sizes. The problem with this system is that when you get down to petite sizes the fit can sometimes be poor. Arabel, however, is graded from a petite 32A/30B and designed with small busted women in mind.


I you have any questions, please just ask me.