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How To Measure

Arabel lingerie is made in UK sizes, but in order to get a perfect fit please check your measurements before ordering. Thank you ♥


How do I measure myself?

FIrst, strip down to your knickers and your favourite non padded bra, and stand upright in front of a mirror. Then wrap a tape measure around your body in the positions below. Next, use the mirror to check that it is straight and parallel to the floor all round your body. The tape measure should be held firmly but not so tightly that it digs into the skin. You may find it easier to have someone help you.


♥ Full Bust - the fullest part of your bust

♥ Under Bust - the circumference of your ribcage beneath your breasts

♥ Waist - the narrowest part of your waist​

♥ Hip - the widest part of your body, around your bottom


What next?

Now you simply refer to the Size Guide to choose the perfect size for you. If you have any questions please just ask. Thank you!

Sarah ♥