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Photographers & Stylists

Photographers & Stylists

Hello! This page contains information for stylists, photographers and models who are interested in borrowing samples of Arabel lingerie for editorial shoots and magazine submissions.  

I love meeting creative professionals and working together for mutually beneficial projects. Due to my niche sizing I am interested in working with models who wear AA-B cup bras. However, as a small business it is both time consuming and expensive to make photography samples and unfortunately, due to a couple of negative experiences, (samples not being returned or being returned damaged) I have had to create new terms for sample lending.


New sample lending terms

A deposit for the full value of the garments + shipping will now be required before any samples will be sent out – payable via bank transfer. I will only waive this if we have worked together before. This will be refunded to you in full (less the shipping costs) only once the samples have been returned in perfect condition within the arranged time scale.

Please send them back to me via a trackable courier, I will do the same when I send them to you. An invoice will be included detailing the garments you borrowed and the date and deposit amount. Late returns, missing garments and any damages to the garments (including stains and tears) will incur charges.



With your permission I would like to use the images on the internet to promote and sell my garments. I will include a credit to everyone involved on my website 'Gallery Page' and in social media posts. I would appreciate it if when sharing the photos on social media and your online portfolio you included a mention of my work and a link to the website. Thanks!


Planning a Shoot

Please could you let me know the following information when getting in touch:

1 - The dates you need the samples.

2 - The samples you require and sizes you desire.

3 - The photographer, models and other creative people you will be working with. Please send me links to their profiles / websites if possible.

4 - The publications that you will be submitting the work to.

5 - The theme, style, location of the shoot and any other details.

6 - If there are any limitations on how I can use the photos.

7 - Also, please ensure the model wears a flesh coloured thong underneath the knickers for hygiene reasons - I'm sure you do this anyway


A few things to note

As Arabel is a petite brand that is made using non-animal derived products please take note of the follwing before getting in touch – thanks!

1 - Please do not photograph my garments with clothes, props or a backdrop containing dead animals (fur throws, mounted animal heads, leather sofas, feather hats etc)

2 - Due to the nature of my brand I am only looking to work with AA-B cup models.

3 - I keep some photography samples in 6/8 or 8/10, but have to make some pieces to order so please give me as much notice as possible.

4 - Please do not photograph my garments with the model smoking (this may be negotiable depending on the theme and setting of the shoot – please message me with your ideas)

5 - I'm afraid I am not interested in glamour/ fetish/ erotic / semi nude shoots.


Otherwise, please get in touch if you are interested - I would love to see your work!


Fit models

I am also looking for some local fit models to check the fit of my bras and other designs. Models must be able to travel to Gloucester - for more details on payment, dates and what is required please get in contact. I would like to build ongoing relationships so we could work together in the future so local models would be ideal.

Click here to see the wonderful people I have worked with in the past!