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As a small company I'm sure you understand that I do not have the budget or ability to send free samples to everyone who asks for one. 



I do sometimes send out free samples for reviews, but only to bloggers and press that I have partnered with for a while and preference is given to my affiliates. If you would like to become an affiliate please click here. I can also sometimes offer exclusive discounts for bloggers, so if you would like to review Arabel lingerie please get in touch and I will see what I can do.



If you are planning on hosting a giveaway on your website or blog and would like a piece of Arabel lingerie as the giveaway prize then I may be able to help. I only give out a few giveaway pieces a year and I favour people who have written about the brand before like my affiliates and long term fans. If this sounds like you then please get in touch and I will see if we can arrange a discounted or free giveaway gift.


Photo shoots

If you are a model, photographer or stylist and would like to borrow my garments for a photo shoot then please click here and you will find all the information you need to know.


If you have any more questions all you have to do is ask!